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About Me

Oh, what a journey it’s been. And let me tell you, health has not always been my story.

Growing up, I would eat just about anything in sight, and it wasn’t uncommon to eat 15+ peanut butter cups in one sitting. Fast-forward to 2015, and I got the itch to make some changes to my diet. I didn’t like the way I felt and knew I didn’t have to settle. However, the ‘healthy lifestyle’ I turned to was not so healthy. Essentially, I took away sweets Mon-Fri and then ate whatever I wanted on the weekend. Not super effective, right? Restricting then binging is not only incredibly hard on the body, but it’s also not sustainable.

Then in 2017, I really started to dial in and was amazed at the information I learned. Once I began educating myself on how to properly nourish my body and eat in a way that serves me without feeling deprived, I was shocked. I couldn’t help but tell people about it.


Little did I know that was the start of one of the most difficult health journeys. I became aware of just how badly I felt over the years but simply accepted as normal. My stomach was always bloated… you know that feeling of needing to unbutton your pants after Thanksgiving dinner? I wasn’t able to get rid of that feeling for 7 years. I was also exhausted no matter how much sleep I got or how rested I was. Sound familiar? The problem is our culture makes that feel normal. “Everyone else is tired, so it makes sense I am too” was a constant thought. As I began learning more, I realized I did not need to live like that. Our bodies are meant to function well and operate optimally. I blame it on my type A, perfectionist personality, but I wasn’t willing to settle for feeling average when I knew there was a better life out there for me.

So I began seeking answers any way I could. I saw every doctor, ran every test, and was poked and prodded for numerous years. I was constantly told “We just need to find the right combinations of medications to manage your symptoms”. Whenever I asked why I had XYZ symptom, the professionals had no idea, even some of the best in the country. Talk about discouraging.

I am not interested in managing symptoms. The symptoms quite literally tell us something is not working properly in the body, and I chose to listen instead of using bandaids to quiet them.

It wasn’t until I found the best Jesus-loving, root cause practitioners who helped me discover what was going on and how to address it.

Fast-forward to now, and I not only feel the best I’ve ever felt, but I also couldn’t contain my passion anymore and needed to spread this message: “You do not need to settle. Your body is strong and resilient. If you are frequently tired and run down and constantly battle brain fog, there is healing for you. In fact, you cannot live with that. Your body is telling you something bigger needs to be addressed.”

So, to you, someone who is no longer willing to accept unwanted symptoms, I hear you and am ready to support you on this journey.

Here’s to true health and living our best lives in every way.